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Westwood Beach Resort



Food - JC's Grocery in Brandon is open 8am - 6pm Monday through Saturday, and 9am - 1pm on Sunday.  Careful planning will help you avoid repeat trips, or emergency Twinkie runs to one of the gas stations.

Weather - Jackets, boots, umbrellas, waterproof storage containers for outdoor gear, etc.

Paper Products - Bedroom linens are provided, but paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, napkins, toothpicks, etc. you will want to bring.  

Often times the folks staying the week before you will have left some extras, but best not to count on them.

Fishing Gear - License, rods, net, tackle, bait.
Westwood Beach Resort has a small fish cleaning house available 
for cleaning your catch, with a freezer for carcass disposal.

Fishing licenses, live bait, and a good selection of tackle and other gear is available locally in Brandon at the Knotty Pine.  Extensive supplies are available in Alexandria.

Soap - same goes here, the previous tenants may have left some, but plan to bring any hand soap/sanitizer, and maybe even laundry soap you'd want if you expect to be visiting the laundromat in Brandon during your stay.

Activities - outdoor eating supplies for meals at the picnic benches, charcoal and lighting supplies (grills available), golfing gear, walking shoes, bikes (the Central Lakes State Trail is 55 miles long, is paved, and runs through Brandon!), field sports equipment  - the open green space on-site is great for small field baseball, football, frisbee, soccer, lacrosse, etc.

Bags - garbage bags (13 gal), food storage bags,

beach gear-hauling bags, etc.

Beach - Bathing suits, beach towels, life jackets, inflatables, etc.

Small Supplies - scissors, tape, notebook, rubber bands, paper, pens, pencils & sharpeners, safety pins, etc.  You'd be amazed at the small things you find yourself needing the moment you don't have them at hand.

Miscellaneous - lounge chairs, extra clothespins (provided clotheslines have some pins available), sunscreen, suntanning lotion, after sun lotion, coolers, bug spray, campfire roasting skewers.

Towels - dish towels, hand towels, bath towels, etc.

Campfire wood is available onsite for $5 per load.

Electronics - CHARGERS, power strips, extension cords, CHARGERS, clocks, fans, camera, laptop, tablet, portable DVD player w/cords, CD player, DVD's and CD's, radio, CHARGERS.  You may be coming to Westwood Beach Resort to totally unplug, if not, don't forget your things that plug!

Miscellaneous - Favorite pillows/blankets, medicines, air fresheners, favorite games, cards, books, miscellaneous kitchen supplies like aluminum foil, plastic wrap, storage containers, spices, cooking oil, etc.

We would also like to note that if you find you have forgotten something large and durable like a fryer, life jacket, or something else that might otherwise be costly to go out and buy just for your stay, please don't hesitate to ask if we have one that you may borrow instead!

​For Children
Children fall into several stages, but it is usually the younger ones who have the greatest difference in needs from the general lists, so this section will focus on them.

Indoor Activities - Crafts, paper, colored pencils, crayons, washable markers, tape, scissors, books, favorite toys, DVD's and CD's for rainy days inside, puzzles.

Outdoor Activities - Sand toys, water toys, inflatables, stroller, frog/butterfly nets, bug or other creature houses, fishing rods (canned corn makes for super cheap and easy catch and release fishing with little kids from the docks), kites, kid-size camping chairs, life jackets, rain boots, bikes, tee-ball or other sports equipment, bubbles.

Other Necessities - Travel high chair, bottles or sippy cups (having separate cups for water/milk/juice is handy when it comes to limiting dishwashing!), favorite pillows/blankets/stuffed animals, diapers (and bags to dispose of them in, unless you want them in your normal garbage), wipes, swim diapers, pack'n'play crib, nuks/pacifiers, fans or other noisemakers for sleeping, nightlights, mattress covers (if wetting might be an issue).

Admit it, more than once you've arrived at your vacation destination and realized that you've forgotten something important at home. So have we!  To help you avoid doing the same again, here are categorized lists of common things that may jog your memory on things to bring with you to Westwood Beach Resort, or plan to purchase in Brandon or nearby Alexandria.

Packing Recommendations